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Below you can see a list of my projects with a description and a link to the repository.

  • starcraft-ai — A project to create a bot for Starcraft: Brood War.

  • starcraft2-ai — A project to create a bot for Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void.

  • five-pool-bot (finished) — A bot for Starcraft: Brood War capable of making 5 pools. Written in Java (BWAPI + BWMirror).

  • simple-rts-and-rl-example — A simple project demonstrating the use of reinforcement learning.

  • dloranc/reinforcement-learning-an-introduction — a project to consolidate knowledge from the book "Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction" (Richard S. Sutton and Andrew G. Barto) by writing the algorithms mentioned in the book by hand.