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New version of the blog

· One min read

I finally got motivated and decided to refresh this blog. The first problem I encountered was that Sculpin and the entire PHP-based environment stopped working. In addition, Travis CI hasn't built the project for a long time. I moved to Docusaurus developed by Meta (Node.js) and I used GitHub Actions to build the project. It took me half a day to transfer old posts, but overall I'm happy with this tool. I know the name implies an emphasis on documentation, but you can pretty quickly build a blog on that. All I had to do was add a search engine and the English language support.

What are my plans for the future? I think I will continue writing about machine learning and AI, but I intend to expand the topic to other things related to broadly understood computer science. I will probably also write in English.

That's it, I hope I will manage to write regularly :)