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Posts about the future and organization of this blog.

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New version of the blog

· One min read

I finally got motivated and decided to refresh this blog. The first problem I encountered was that Sculpin and the entire PHP-based environment stopped working. In addition, Travis CI hasn't built the project for a long time. I moved to Docusaurus developed by Meta (Node.js) and I used GitHub Actions to build the project. It took me half a day to transfer old posts, but overall I'm happy with this tool. I know the name implies an emphasis on documentation, but you can pretty quickly build a blog on that. All I had to do was add a search engine and the English language support.

What are my plans for the future? I think I will continue writing about machine learning and AI, but I intend to expand the topic to other things related to broadly understood computer science. I will probably also write in English.

That's it, I hope I will manage to write regularly :)

Daj Się Poznać 2017

· One min read

Today I decided to take part in the "Daj Się Poznać 2017" competition organized by Maciej Aniserowicz. The competition involves developing your own Open Source project on GitHub and running a blog by writing a minimum of two posts a week for 10 weeks. The project that I will be developing will be an AI playing Starcraft 2. I just have to count on the fact that by the time the competition starts, i.e. by March 1, DeepMind will provide an API for writing bots, which it is developing in cooperation with Blizzard.

All my competition posts can be found in the tag "DSP2017".

Hello World!

· One min read

Hello World! Recently, while reading what people write on the #blogreview channel in the Devs PL Slack team, I was inspired to create something of my own. Once upon a time, as part of a competition, I ran a blog for a while, but due to my laziness, the initiative quickly failed. This time I hope that my enthusiasm will last longer.

I will be writing this blog mainly about a field that has recently experienced great growth - machine learning. I'm not particularly advanced, but I'll try not to write nonsense.

Enjoy reading :)